Alert: There are video surveillance cameras for sale with malware

To ensure the security of private spaces, users usually resort to video surveillance systems to register everything that passes by. It is true that not always these systems are well configured, being open to other malicious users so that they can also see everything that happens in these spaces.

But I know that there are video surveillance systems that are on sale at Amazon and have links to sites with malware?

If you ideas of buying a camera video surveillance … careful what you buy. According to the website , there are cameras on sale at Amazon to bring malware included. As we can see in the code below, found in these systems, there was a reference in the CSS code to an external page that is associated with the distribution of malware.


This is a case that was detected but there will certainly be many who are not, may your privacy is at stake. For those who was intrigued by the fact that your system is exposed to the Internet, we suggest a visit to the portal Shodan .

Like a search engine, for example Google, the Shodan lays bare the Internet and allows you to discover devices on the network exposed, such as:

  • Webcams
  • home and corporate routers
  • iPads / iPhones
  • Smartphones with Android, WP, etc.
  • VoIP phones
  • computers
  • servers
  • Coolers
  • Video Conferencing Systems

The Shodan is a powerful weapon for hackers and not only! Based on the information provided, users and system administrators can improve a set of safety issues.

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