Top 25 WordPress Plugins – Part 1

Wordpress Plugins
Top 25 WordPress Plugins You Should Know

Part 1 – WordPress Plugins

Here we’ll look at some popular and some less popular WordPress plugins that every webmaster should know about.  The first five out of twenty five that we’ll be considering are as follows.

There are tons of plugins you can use for all sorts of things, but these are the ones that you should be using on nearly every site you build.

 Divi Builder

This plugin from Elegant themes website is probably my favorite visual builder plugin.  It adds the ability to quickly drop in all sorts of media, sliders, applets, forms, and a whole lot more while allowing you to customize what and how things will appear on each device type.  It’s not free, you’ll need to at least buy one theme or better yet subscribe for life to get all their great themes forever.

Yoast SEO Plugin

If you want to be SEO conscience without spending a ton of time running third party checks against every page, this is the plugin for you.   Just set a target keyword for each page and it’ll tell you what you need to adjust as you’re writing the blog post.  “Whoops! almost forgot to add my keyword in an H2 on this post.  Thanks Yoast! ”


If you’ve ever tried moving a site or buying a domain and 301 redirecting all that link juice to your new site, then you know what a pain it can be.  Fortunately this app will keep track of any 401’s, and then you can just quickly go through the list and assign them a page to land on.  Or redirect all missed hits back to your homepage if you’d like.

Pure Chat

If you run a business you’ll want a way to interact with people on your site.  Pure Chat offers a free & paid plan to be allow customers to contact you instantly on your website right to your mobile phone through an IM type of app.

Image Teleporter

This is a great plugin if you want to be able to link to images on other sites, but then have them ultimately hosted from your site.  I used it extensively when moving another site of mine from Weebly over to WordPress.  No need to download & re-upload the files, just use the URL as the image location and the plugin will import it to WordPress and update the link for you.

Hope you enjoyed part 1 of this top 25 WordPress plugins article.  Check back later when I post the next 5.

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